Let's spread the contagion of hope!


2021 is going to be a challenge for everybody

Let’s spread the contagion of hope!
Happy to stay safe but close to each other

Every year Christmas represents the symbol of rebirth and never as in 2020 it has been difficult for us to celebrate it. COVID-19 has changed the cohabitations rules and social distancing. In GSR we have decided to donate the amount intended for our Christmas traditional dinner and to let employees express their preference among 3 Volunteer Associations, different but all committed to helping the weakest and to social inclusion.
It was a small gesture that repaid us back with surprising gratitude and made us feel more united while expressing our differences. Improving to grow is the challenge of our team in GSR. We are happy that 2020 has passed but we will try learn from this experience to be up to 2021!
Hope and solidarity should be contagious. So we thank and introduce to anyone interested these 3 Associations that, with their non-profit commitment and their limited resources, are a concrete example of attention and support to those who struggle even more in this emergency.
We are close to you and we thank you very much:

  • Crescere Insieme: pursues the integration and social inclusion of people with Down syndrome and which has even rewarded us with an individual certificate of good deed! www.crescereinsieme.rn.it 
  • Comunità di Montetauro: prayer, service and common life in a Christian family of consecrated Brothers and Sisters and their "children”, about fifty disabled people, permanently welcomed. https://www.piccolafamigliadellassunta.it/ 


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